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Privacy Policy


ACRNA highly values the strong relationships it has with its Members. The collection of data at ACRNA is being handled with full and proper respect for the privacy of our customers. The data we collect is handled sensitively, securely and with proper regard to privacy. ACRNA does not disclose, distribute or sell the data we collect from our Members to third parties.

This site uses Google Analytics to identify your visit and to store statistical information about your country, web pages visited, and time spent on the site.

What Information We Collect

Members are invited to register mandatory and optional personal information about themselves.

Mandatory information includes only their name, employer organisation (to bone fide the member’s stakeholdership in the control room industry) and email address (for communications and membership renewal notices).

Optional information may be provided by Members in their ACRNA Connect "My Profile".

What Information About You Is Shared
Material held in the Membership Register is provided by Members on the understanding that the Membership Register will be available to all individual and corporate Members.

No information at all about Members is available to non-members or casual browsers.

Other Information Posted By Members
The ACRNA website is setup as a membership-regulated forum and is reviewed from time to time for any inappropriate material.

Only Members will be given access to post material on the website.

Anonymous posting will not be permitted on this website, and posted material will only be accepted from Members who are logged-in and authenticated.

Your Choices
By registering as a Member, you accept that the ACRNA is a member-regulated forum. If you identify inappropriate content, or for any general further information, please make an enquiry using the Contact ACRNA form.

Advertising & Promotions Policy

The Australian Control Room Network Association Inc. (ACRNA) is a non-commercial, not-for-profit, industry association formed to support Operators of Australian control rooms.

The ACRNA, through its Members, facilitates networking, discussion and interaction by means of conferences, webinars, meetings and information sharing, with the overall aim of achieving continuous improvement.
It is not a platform to promote, endorse or advertise businesses or individuals, other than is provided below for Corporate Members.

The ACRNA Management Committee will nominate a person to moderate web posts prior to publication.

If the Moderator considers the post to be suitable, it will be approved and published. If the Moderator considers the post to contravene this Policy, it will be referred to a Review Panel consisting of the President, Vice President and the Moderator who will determine the publication by majority vote.

Any Individual Member or Corporate Member may object to a published post by presenting their objection and grounds in writing to the full Management Committee for determination by majority vote.

Individual Members
Each Member has a membership account, the fields of which are visible to logged-in Members in the Members’ Register. Individual Members may include a brief line or two about themselves. The information must be factual, unembellished, and avoid opinion. The Privacy Policy prevails.

Corporate Members
A business, corporation or organisation may apply to the ACRNA for Corporate Membership. To qualify, the applicant must operate a control room or provide technical expertise to those who do. Applications will be referred to the Management Committee (MC) for approval which may be withheld or accepted with conditions, entirely at the discretion of the MC.

Corporate Members support the ACRNA financially and are represented on the Management Committee.

Corporate Members are entitled to have their logo appear in the footer of every page of the website, and for that logo to be a link to a summary of the Corporate Member’s business and to their website.

Corporate Members are entitled to have their logo displayed on the annual conference promotional material which is produced by the Conference SubCommittee (CSC). The extent and content of that material must be agreed between the Corporate Member and the CSC.

Corporate Members may present, support and financially sponsor ACRNA events in consultation with the Membership & Marketing SubCommittee (M&MSC). The extent and content of any associated promotional material must be agreed between the Corporate Member and the M&MSC.

Corporate Members’ material must be factual, unembellished, avoid opinion, and be compliant with all relevant laws of commerce and propriety. The Privacy Policy prevails.

The ACRNA will not accept any advertising from non-members.

From time to time, the SubCommittees may invite non-members to present factual information about their businesses for the sole purpose of providing important industry contacts for Members.

Any approach or enquiry from a non-member individual or business to support, present or provide an event or a resource must be referred to the Management Committee (MC) for approval which may be withheld or accepted with conditions, entirely at the discretion of the MC.

ACRNA Connect
Members are encouraged to post Introductions, News and Networking topics at ACRNA Connect. The information must be factual, unembellished, and avoid opinion unless explicitly identified as the opinion of the Member contributor.

Topics, especially Case Studies, must include approval by any named or identified parties that the topic relates to, that they agree to the publication and that the published information is factual and accurate. Topics which simply copy and paste third and fourth party articles without citation, context or attribution should not be approved for publication.

Members are welcome to Add An Event in the ACRNA Calendar by completing the background form with all the required event details fields completed.

The event details must clearly identify the Organiser. If the Organiser is not a Member, the Moderator may request the endorsement or support of the event by a Member.

Payments & Refunds Policy


ACRNA obtains income only from payment of Individual and Corporate membership subscriptions. Payments will be receipted with an appropriate Tax Invoice / Receipt.

Services & Products

ACRNA is a networking forum and does not offer services or products as such.

ACRNA is a membership association set up to support Members with a resource gathering, sharing and development forum, and to provide a network of individuals and corporates who want to actively participate in pursuing control room best practice. Membership of the Association provides those connections through the website, enables active participation in gathering, sharing and developing resources, and financial membership provides discounted registration to attend the annual conference.

Cancellations & Refunds

Individual Membership subscriptions may be refunded as follows:

  • Within 2 months of the payment: In full.
  • Between 2 and 6 months of the payment: Not refundable unless the member seeking the refund, or that person’s representative, presents reasonable grounds in writing to the Management Committee who shall not unreasonably withhold the refund and ensure the refund is made in full within a reasonable time.
  • After 6 months of the payment: No refund.

Corporate Membership requests for subscription refunds will be dealt with by the ACRNA President in consultation with the Corporate Member considering the reasons and implications of each situation.

Conference registration refunds will be dealt with according to the Refund Policy specific to the conference event, each of which will be published with the relevant Conference programme. The Cancellations & Refunds for each conference will be aligned with the event venues’ policies. The reason for this is that ACRNA is a member association in which Members carry the risk.

Method of Refund

ACRNA will make refunds in Australian Dollars to the account from which the payment originated if practicable, or to another bank account nominated by the refundee. Refunds will be accompanied by an appropriate Tax Credit Note.


ACRNA will deal with disputes according to its Rules of Association.

Dispatch & Deliveries Policy

ACRNA does not offer services or products as such and so has nothing of substance to dispatch or deliver.

In its Rules of Association, ACRNA confirms immediate registration as an Individual Member upon the conclusion of the Registration process. An automated confirmation email is sent to the email address registered by the member, and the Membership Register is automatically updated.

When a Conference is launched, the registration portal is activated. Upon conclusion of the registration, an automated confirmation email is sent to the email address registered by the delegate, and the Membership Register is automatically updated with the Member’s selections as a delegate. It is the responsibility of the Conference SubCommittee to ensure registered delegates are given access to the conference proceedings and post-conference resources, and the registered delegates have their confirmation email as the event ticket of admission.

Corporate Memberships are negotiated and confirmed between the ACRNA President and the Corporate Member’s representative and recorded according to those commercial outcomes.

Platinum Corporate Members

Gold Corporate Members

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