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Welcome to ACRNA Connect

The new official networking forum of the Australian Control Room Network Association

The ACRNA is a network and member forum – it exists to support the control room industry and work force.

ACRNA Connect is for you to make connections, invite contributions, welcome new members, generate discussion, call upon members for advice and leads, and post resources.

At the AGM in November 2018, the members brainstormed 57 single ideas for the future of the ACRNA.

About 51 of them sought a professional and useful web site, of which 47 were suggestions for website content.

42 ideas related directly to making connections through a website-based industry network of colleagues, contacts, information, standards and resources.

ACRNA Connect will develop into a valuable resource and share centre, because you are the ones who will build it.

Pull your contacts, gather your resources, get involved…

ACRNA will be as strong as its membership.

The ACRNA Privacy Policy applies to all use of ACRNA Connect.

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