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Privacy Policy

What Information We Collect

Members are invited to register mandatory and optional personal information about themselves.

Mandatory information includes only their name, employer organisation (to bone fide the member’s stakeholdership in the control room industry) and email address (for communications and membership renewal notices).

Optional information may be provided entirely as the member decides.

What Information About You Is Shared

Material held in the membership register is provided by members on the understanding that the membership register will be available to all individual and corporate members.

No information at all about members is available to non-members or casual browsers.

Other Information Posted By Members

The ACRNA website is setup as a membership-regulated forum and is reviewed from time to time for any inappropriate material.

Only members will be given access to post material on the website.

Anonymous posting will not be permitted on this website, and posted material will only be accepted from members who are logged on and authenticated.

Your Choices

By registering as a member, you accept that the ACRNA is a member-regulated forum. If you identify inappropriate content, or for any general further information, please make an enquiry using the Contact ACRNA form.

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