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16 October 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Online webinar
Dr Robin Brooks
+44 1753 893090

The single biggest cause of poor operator alarm performance is an inconsistent set of values of the alarm limits. But search for advice on how to find values for alarm limits and the answer will be “put the limits at the boundary of where you normally operate.” For the practising engineer this advice is next to useless because he or she doesn’t have a way to locate that boundary across many hundreds of variables.

The key is an Operating Envelope or Operating Window spanning many hundreds or even thousands of variables, some with alarms defined and some without.

Better operator alarms make money for your plant by reducing operational variability, which contributes to a reduction in operating costs and, in cases where throughput is increased, to a reduction in the unit costs of production. Conversely, poor operator alarms cost you money every single day.

I invite you to a free one hour webinar – “Modern Operator Alarm Improvement and Rationalization” – on Wednesday 16 or Thursday 17 October. You will discover the modern method of rationalization by locating the Operating Window and Envelope of any chosen set of objectives and setting alarm limits around its boundary. You will see the usefulness of being able to see and compare Windows and Envelopes for different operating objectives and the benefits of predicting Alarm Performance with immediate feedback instead of the delayed feedback inherent in the old method.

The innovative technology which makes all this possible is Geometric Process Control, developed here at leading chemical engineering consultancy PPCL (www.ppcl.com). By modelling process operations as a multi-dimensional geometric object, process and alarm performance and targets can immediately be evaluated and compared, and contradictions or difficulties become immediately visible. Performance monitoring and reporting are clear and consistent for everyone involved, which allows an increased understanding of how alarms and targets interact with process operation and subsequent process refinement.

Register now for a webinar and take a concrete step towards improving the stability, efficiency and availability of YOUR process. There’s no charge and you are welcome to invite colleagues to attend.

Robin W. Brooks, PhD

Managing Director, PPCL


+44 1753 893090


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