…in pursuit of control room best practice

Just like the mobile phone in your pocket, the technology in CityLink’s Traffic Control Room has changed since it first opened in 1999.


With the West Gate Tunnel Project in development we identified an opportunity to consolidate traffic control operations and build a new world-class facility to cover the length of the Transurban managed network.

While the West Gate Tunnel won’t open until 2022, the Transurban Road Operations team has been hard at work preparing for the eventual transition.

Some key changes have been put in place now to upgrade the existing CityLink control room, which will be tried and tested before being carried over to the new control room when it comes online.

The main improvement was to simplify the number of screens and equipment at each workstation, replacing old equipment with new items such as two 49 inch ultra-wide screen monitors, LED mouse-tracking across the 2.5 metre-wide screen real estate and new sit/stand consoles with comfortable leather edging.

The new configuration allowed operators to monitor the road network on a seamless display and control all their systems via a single keyboard and mouse. Console clutter was significantly reduced improving ease of access to all systems and allowing rapid implementation of roadway safety measures, helping to support road safety more broadly.

Not only was the solution a great success ergonomically, it looked modern, it was more intuitive and increased operator (therefore network) performance. It was also great for team morale.

The project was nominated for the Transurban internal quarterly awards and recently announced as the annual award winner for Ingenuity.

If you have any questions about the upgrade or would simply like to discuss the project further, please do not hesitate to contact Transurban’s ACRNA committee member Trevor Franz.

Trevor Franz
Operational Technical Advisor
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