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Control centres are the human and built environments in which operators, controllers, engineers and planners are relied upon to make good decisions and effectively monitor, integrate and collaborate, all for the benefit and safety of every stakeholder involved with the business, and the plant and assets which they control, and who are expected by their managers, colleagues, and themselves, to make reliable and timely decisions in a suitably safe, comfortable and ergonomic environment.

As a human-machine interface, the control centre deserves proper consideration of human-centred design for maximum reliable operator output and minimal design-induced errors.

As a built environment, it demands an architectural solution which is flexible, scaleable, well-crafted and has a proud and rewarding sense of place.

Control Centres Australia offers an ergonomics and built environment design and integration team to provide Very Early Strategic Design Advice for the control centre project, and follows it through to inception and delivery of a functional built environment design.

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