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ACRNA Welcomes Jemena as its first Platinum Corporate Member

The Australian Control Room Network Association (ACRNA) welcomes Jemena as our first Platinum Member. Jemena owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the northern region and east coast of Australia. This includes 11,000 kms of electricity networks, 25,000 kms of gas networks, a

ACRNA Welcomes Transurban as its first Gold Corporate member

The Association welcomes Transurban as our first Gold Member. Transurban operates eight control rooms in Australia, with a further two expected within the next twelve to eighteen months. They also operate one control room in Virginia USA and one in Montreal Canada. The benefits for

Critical Comms Magazine announces ACRNA

Critical Comms Magazine recently published an article by Jonathan Nally featuring ACRNA following a presentation regarding the establishment of ACRNA by Mark Holmes, our secretary, at a recent workshop in Sydney at the Comms Connect Critical Control Rooms. Critical Comms is a multi-channel media brand focusing

ACNRA: Birth of an Association

Who is ACRNA? The Australian Control Room Network Association or ACRNA is a non-commercial industry association formed to support Operators of Australian control rooms. Why was ACRNA formed? Over the years representatives from organisations that operate control rooms as an integral part of their business

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