ACRNA Corporate Memberships

Who are we?

The Australian Control Room Network Association is a non-commercial industry association formed to support Operators of Australian control rooms.  The Association members are encouraged to share ideas and experiences with the overall aim of achieving continuous improvement with the control room services delivered.   The Association through its members will facilitate discussion and interaction by means of conferences, webinars and meetings.  All members of the Association are encouraged to participate and support the activities of the Association.

Message from our founding President

The Association is inviting your company to become a Corporate Member as you operate one or more control rooms and representatives from your organisation have supported our previous conferences. All monies received will be managed and reported as per the requirements of the Registrable Australian Body as defined by ASIC and acknowledged on our website and on the Association letterhead.  An invoice will be provided by the Association should you wish to become a Corporate member.

Over the past years representatives from organisations that operate control rooms as an integral part of their business have attended an annual conference to share operational experiences and to meet with others who offer support services such as ergonomic advice, human resource management, etc. Industries that were represented include oil, gas, electricity, ports, air, road and rail.

At the 2016 conference, which was attended by over one hundred delegates it was agreed to create our own Association.

Establishing the Association will facilitate collaboration between organisations that operate control rooms as well as with supporting industries. This collaboration will provide the means to share improvements and opportunities which will ultimately result in “best practice”. As an Association representing a significant business function we will have the profile to support the development and review of relevant Standards used in operating control rooms.

The legal entity, “Australian Control Room Network Association” has been established and is registered with ASIC.

Corporate membership is vital for the successful establishment of the Association which, the founding team and I believe, will be a great asset to the various industries that operate control rooms as it will provide opportunities to identify best practice and drive continual improvement.

Geoff McKernan
ARBN 620 754 850

Corporate Memberships

Your support is vital to the success of the Association. All Corporate Members will have access to an exclusive Corporate Members portal on the ACRNA website and have their logos  displayed in the scrolling masthead of the association website.

Platinum  Membership

5 Corporate Member employees enjoy free attendance to the annual ACRNA Conference.

Gold  Membership

3  Corporate  Member employees enjoy free attendance to the annual ACRNA Conference.

Silver Membership

1 Corporate  Member employee enjoy free attendance to the annual ACRNA Conference.


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