ACRNA Welcomes Jemena as its first Platinum Corporate Member

The Australian Control Room Network Association (ACRNA) welcomes Jemena as our first Platinum Member. Jemena owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the northern region and east coast of Australia. This includes 11,000 kms of electricity networks, 25,000 kms of gas networks, a 20km recycled water network and over 2,200 kms of pipeline (600 under construction). To manage these assets Jemena operates two 24/7 Control Rooms, one in Melbourne and the other in Sydney. In addition there are two fully functioning Disaster Recovery Control Room sites in each state. The benefits for Jemena joining the ACRNA are networking and sharing of information around Control Room situational awareness, training and competency, rostering and fatigue management to name a few. Jemena looks forward to collaborating with other Control Room operators with a view to Continuous Improvement.

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